If legislators can police themselves, why can't we?

[Editor's note: The writer sent VNS a copy of the following letter that he sent to his legislators.  Of course Sen. Stolle doesn't listen to anyone except big contributors so a copy to him was probably a waste.]

January 14, 2003

Delegate Harry R. Purkey
General Assembly Building
Post Office Box 406
Richmond, Virginia 23218

Delegate Robert G. Marshall
General Assembly Building
Post Office Box 406
Richmond, Virginia 23218

Dear Delegates Marshall and Purkey,

It has come to my attention that I am being afforded far fewer rights
than many other Virginians. The latest example of this comes from
Delegates Leo Wardrup and Bob McDonnell who assert that even in the face
of Vance Wilkins resignation, the Virginia General Assembly is capable
of policing its own and requires no changes to ethics rules or policies.

In view of the above and the positions taken by the legislature in other
professional and employment areas, I respectfully request that you
sponsor a private bill in the General Assembly that will accord me the
same legal status for the narrow purposes of liability and criminal acts

1.  Doctor

2.  Lawyer.

3.  Gun Dealer

4.  Bounty Hunter

5.  State Legislator

If I have somehow missed any major protected category, please feel free
to add it to the list.

I am available for consultation on this matter at any time and look
forward to hearing from you. Just trying to get this bill through the
legislature would be a great exercise in public policy, rather than the
usual political policy that we see so much more of in Virginia in recent

Very truly yours,
Robert Goodwin

Copy to:

Senator Kenneth W. Stolle
Senate of Virginia
Post Office Box 396
Richmond, Virginia 23218