It is too easy to say 'we told you so' or ha! ha! ha!, but School Supt. Timothy Jenney is too pathetic for that
He creates his own train wreck

School Supt. Dr. Timothy R. Jenney is the classic example of an overly brilliant, self-indulgent, arrogant bureaucrat who believes his own PR.

He has the capacity for greatness, but has allowed flawed character traits to ruin some of his hopes and dreams while at the same time wreaking untold damage on a previously excellent school system and staff.

To his credit, in his interview with the Pinellas Co. Florida School Board, he admitted his own faults and didn't attempt to blame others.

But there are others to blame:  The Virginia Beach School Board or the 'Rubber Stamp" School Board as we call them.  They, out of inferiority, have been subservient to the strong-willed dominating ways of Jenney, typical traits of one with a 'short man syndrome' who feels he must dominate others to prove his own self worth.

The Rubber Stamp board has allowed Jenney to run roughshod over valuable, longtime, and loyal personnel to achieve his now false sense of 'greatness' which worked so well in exposing his faults to the nation as reported by the St. Petersburg Times during his Pinellas County interview:

"I'm very direct, not without couth, and I think I'm generally savvy," he said. "I have high expectations for my staff, and if I'm guilty of one thing it's that I work them very hard."

He said some of his staff would describe him as autocratic and domineering while others would say he includes them in decisions.

"It's not been easy. I have made some enemies," Jenney said, adding: "Of this I am sure: Wherever I have departed from I've left better than I found it."

Typically he said all the wrong things:  Harsher treatment, no sacred staff cows who can't be disciplined his way, greater demands of others to glorify himself, and worst of all - MORE MONEY.

The poor guy just doesn't exist in the real world.  He takes bad PR advice and uses it effectively. 

The best thing this Rubber Stamp School Board can do before Jenney, (AKA among staffers as 'Tiny Tim,' and TLD - 'The Terrible Little Dwarf')  destroys everything good and wholesome in the Virginia Beach School System is to cut him free. 

Send him elsewhere to wreak his havoc and continue inflating his ego.

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