Sch. Supt. 'Tiny' Tim Jenney heads to FL's warmer climes in effort to abandon Virginia Beach - for 2nd time

Rebuffed in his first attempt to leave Virginia Beach schools for a similar position in FL, in early March, Timothy R. (Tiny Tim)  Jenney is now set to interview with the Polk Co., FL school system.

In addition, it has been reported that Jenney's wife, Alice Gay Jenney, principal of Strawbridge Elementary School has taken leave for the remainder of the school year.

And Jeanne S. Evans, a high school grad, who was named by Jenney to a $100,000 + advisor post is also leaving the system.  Jeanne hired her as his top political guru, but after it was pointed out that she was a Democratic pit bulldog in her previous dealings with Republicans and the entire legislative delegation had become Republican,  he changed her title to his executive assistant.  Reportedly she is planning to go into a consulting business.

He recently was given his annual evaluation, but the results haven't been made public yet.

Neither Jenney nor his PR skirt Evans could be reached for comment.

In Pinellas Co., where he first interviewed, board members found his abrasive management behavior and personality style unacceptable for its system. 

Like in the Pinellas case, Jenney is one of 3 finalists and will be interviewed April 14.  He lost out in Pinellas to a motorcycle riding superintendent from Louisiana.

School officials here in Virginia Beach who dislike Jenney give him credit for bringing the schools up in curriculum achievement.  "We are way ahead of many other schools from which students transfer from, but his personality is a fatal flaw as far as I'm concerned," one said.

"He's a brilliant administrator, but he's just so abrasive and asocial that no one can stand him," said another.

An arrogant little fellow described as having a typical 'short man' syndrome, Jenney's tenure in Virginia Beach has been less than stress free from being sued by a teacher he hired to build his home, to a divorce, to  marriage of one of his principals, who subsequently tried to use his office to hawk a massage service.

"Their gain," said one educator of his FL attempt, "will be ours also."

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