Somebody is blowing smoke; Sentara and City Council vs. the citizens


After reading the proposal to the Virginia Beach City Council for the purchase and use of the land at Princess Anne Road and Dam Neck Road which will encompass a majority of Princess Anne Park where Sentara officials portend to build a "technologically advanced health campus (which) will feature on-site emergency services, family-focused wellness and recreational facilities, health and wellness education, family practice and specialty care physicians, comprehensive women's health services, advanced diagnostic imaging, sports medicine, ambulatory surgery, rehabilitation, a heliport for air ambulance services, and a new state-of-the-art 120 bed hospital." (quoted from proposal page 1) and reading where they have reduced the Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital Emergency Room to a level 3 trauma center and the proposed removal of the neo-natal intensive care unit to Norfolk, I just wonder who is blowing smoke up whose skirt?

Since the merger of Bayside Humana Hospital and Virginia Beach General Hospital with the Sentara conglomerate there is no competition in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area. Hence, the residents of Virginia Beach are now at the mercy of a behemoth that only looks at the bottom line of the balance sheet and has no concern for the well-being of the residents.

Darl Anderson