Where the city gets its tax monies - out of your property
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Your mayor and council members talk about tax equality and fairness, but as the chart below shows, you - Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner - carry the bulk of the cost on your backs.  

Every time the council launches another big project to spend your money that talk about the industry or commercial monies that will be brought in.  Every time the council coughs up tax dollars to finance the ocean front development, read the multi-million dollar 31st Street Hotel subsidy, it comes right out of your pocket through real estate assessments and property taxes.

For decades, Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner, through high assessments and property taxes, you have carried the city. What have you gotten in return?  You have better garbage collection? Better roads?  Better police?  How has your life improved in Virginia Beach for the high prices you have been  paying.

The bar graph below, for example, shows that since 1999 to present, more than 81% of total assessments have been on homeowners, while commercial property assessments have amounted to less than 16.5% and hotel assessments have a never exceeded 2.2% of the city total assessment base. (Figures for other years are listed at the bottom of the graph).

Ask your council member:  Is this fair?  All you'll get is double talk.  Tell them to explain why hotel assessments, commercial are so low and your real estate assessment is so high. 

Election is coming.  Think about it.  

tax chart
Data from Virginia Beach Tax Assessor's Office