Open letter to X-admirals questioning for whom they are speaking and how much are they getting paid to promote 22% sales tax hike referendum

[Editor's note: X-Admirals Reason & Gehman have been appearing in pro-tax TV ads touting road projects that would be financed with the 22% tax hike as being militarily important.  They imply stature and status and positions above their pay grades.  Several X-military leaders have questioned the propriety of their actions and whether they are misleading the public.]]

October 25, 2002

Open letter to Admiral Reason, Gehman: 

We have several questions regarding your ad for the road tax increase in which you state that the “Navy considers these six projects” as beneficial to the Navy and important for military mobilization.

1.      Because you are retired, how do you speak officially for the Navy?

2.      The roads projects are many years away. During that period of time the Navy personnel will likely become fewer in numbers.  If there is a deployment, our Oceana people will fly away and the Navy will sail away. So please explain how the six road projects will help.

3.      If you are being paid, please specify how much.

Thank you for your response.

Robert D. O’Connor, President