Political morons who think tax increases are solution to everything (they want) are everywhere, FL man says



I moved to Orlando, FL  this summer and down here, in addition to running Janet Reno against a perfectly good Republican governor  whose name rhymes with Bush, the city is proposing a tax increase to fund the same stuff the November Referendum is  proposing to fund in Virginia. 

Do these morons and politicians [perhaps a synonymous term] attend the same Fleece the Taxpayer 101 course? 

I am beginning to think that they are all connected in some perverse way to get control of as much of the GNP as they can. 

These tax proposals are so similar that they are scary. Could all of those beetle-like bureaucrats in government be conspiring to expand their influence in some nationwide network? 

As the election date approaches, suddenly the number and severity of traffic jams increases. Schools are shown to be dirtier and more in lack of repair. And of course there are squads of caring/feeling liberals, masquerading as volunteers for the public good, portraying themselves as objective assessors of the community needs when they are in fact paid lackeys of the Florida equivalent of VDOT/NEA/ Every Elected Politician. 

Wake up Virginia Beach, the referendum is not about roads, it is about having more control of YOUR money. VOTE NO. 

Remember always that there is nothing to be ashamed of to oppose a bad idea, no matter how many politicians or government bureaucrats or newspaper editors try to tell you otherwise in the spirit of being not NEGATIVE.  Let government improve its ideas to our standards rather that we lower our standards to government's unsatisfactory ideas. 

Increase efficiency not taxes.

Mike Arsuaga - Orlando

Editor's note:  Mr. Arsuaga was a former candidate  for mayor in Virginia Beach