Creative planning is answer to transportation woes

Editor,   An article in the Washington Post, Sunday Oct. 3, 2002 (Page B3) clearly illustrates an option that the local politicians and planners are ignoring. 

The heading for the article "Expand Mass Transit? No, Try Mass Transfers" tells the story.   The article demonstrates that by analyzing where people live and work it is possible to move jobs and people closer.  The article displays two maps which show the results of "converting long commutes.... into short ones."    

Our planners, instead of showing any creativity to solve our transportation problems ignore these techniques and seem determined to plow ahead with the same old approach - more roads, more pollution.    

A specific question to our planners: Why spend multi-millions on another tunnel when jobs can be moved from Norfolk to Portsmouth?  Moving jobs would be much better for the people of Portsmouth.

  Bob O'Connor