Voters rejected sales tax hike because they'd already paid for them; politicos frittered money away

The YE$ campaign (falsely) thought that the increased voter turnout meant that they were going to win because everyone was coming out due to being tired of being stuck in traffic. 
Voters overwhelmingly turned out to vote NO because they knew that they had already paid for these projects and the money was wasted. 
The legislators now need to understand that the voters want their hard-earned money put to good use on legitimate roles of the state government, one of which is roads. 
The fiscally irresponsible increase in state budget spending of 42% over the past 5 years, totaling approx. $8 billion could have paid for these projects.  In fact, if the legislators had been fiscally responsible, the first shovel load of dirt to start building these projects could have been struck this morning, instead of waiting 10 years more as the tax referendum had required.
The editorials that I have read so far have been full of obvious sales tax supporters crying in their milk.  They decry the voters and especially, the Ax the Tax Coalition and other opponents, as being people who don't care about our area and that we aren't 'forward-thinking'. 
Unfortunately, the YE$ side doesn't realize how myopic their 'forward' view actually was and everything looks good through rose-colored glasses. 
The NO side knows that hindsight is 20/20 and saw all of the tax money that we've been paying for years spent frivolously and did not want to see more wasted. 
Now that the voters have given the legislators a resounding "NO!" to this blank check, it is time to work on real solutions for our transportation woes and to do it with the money we are already giving them. 
Brian Babb - Norfolk