Governor "no tax" Warner wants 'boon' for state ports to be financed by Tidewater Roadies


"MAMMOTH TERMINAL A BOON FOR HAMPTON ROADS" so reports the Virginian-Pilot Oct. 22, 2002. 

Then we get to the facts of the matter.  

  • Fact: Maersk Sealand has bought (or been given) land on Cranny Island to build a container ship port!
  •   Fact: There are no roads to service this port!  
  • Fact: This facility will make "tremendous, huge, large......., very big........., stacks of hundred dollar bills that will go into the Virginia's general fund! (Trillions!) Fact: Our Beloved Governor has Allowed us stupid, ignorant, backwater,  Hampton Roads  residents the opportunity too pay for the roads to service this port.
  • Fact: None of the money taken in by the State owned port facilities in Hampton Roads, goes to roads to facilitate the port facilities in Hampton Roads! It goes to the general fund, when they need money to build roads to service these ports, they ask the stupid, ignorant, backwater, Roadies to pay for it!
The normal routine is to increase the tonnage, increase the revenue to the State General Fund, and then don't worry about the increased truck traffic in Hampton Roads Fact: I'm thru being though of as the stupid, ignorant, backwater, Roadie! 

We may not have more money than Gov. Warner, but we know that we are smarter, after this last scam that he tried to pull it is obvious that the blue crabs and oysters in the bay are smarter then he is! I can tell by the NO vote that  we all are not as stupid as he thinks we are. I'm also  sure that he knows it now! So Beware of His Bigger and Better Plans!!!! SLEEP WITH ONE EYE OPEN! AND BE SURE TO PUT YOUR WALLET UNDER YOUR PILLOW! 

  • Fact: Gov. Warner has done more to unify this area of Virginia than anyone else!
If you write to your local city council, and suggest that they elect the Hampton Roads Planning District Board members, they will resist your suggestion! 

They have intentionally selected these members to vote yes on the issues that the voters have voted no on,  such as the Light Rail, and Southeastern Expressway that the voters had already voted no on! 

If masses of voters, DEMAND IT, then they will do it and take full credit for it. 

Remember that We, not they determine how long they do for us, OR TO US! If we are to survive as Hampton Roads an Elected Hampton Roads Planning District Board, is a MUST! 

At the same time, we need to write to our State Senators, and Delegates, and DEMAND that they  put the transportation taxes that come in, into a separate fund that can be only used for road construction, maintenance, or given back to the people. 

This measure is way past due! Third and possibly most important WE need to convince the State General assembly that the revenue that is generated by the Hampton Roads Ports could be a lot more if we had the roads in place to service them! 

We also need to let them know that if they want the increased revenue, they need to put a small amount of it back to build and maintain the roads necessary to produce this increased revenue! If the above has not been enough to make you want to you want to have a "Hampton Roads Tea Party", or consider other old time, but perfectly reasonable methods, like "Tar and Feathers". Then all you have to do is consider what they are planning to DO TO US now, and perhaps you will get there! 

Our Governor, has publicly asked, for ideas on how to build the roads necessary to open the new port at Craney Island, ("While these solutions have been rejected, I now call upon those who opposed them to help find a workable solution," Gov. Warner said in a statement.) and  accommodate the other container ports in our area.

Are these ideas that (if repeated at all) will be rejected as unworkable, then the plan that will surface as the best is the plan that the Vote YE$ campaign had on election eve. This plan would put tolls on local roads (already built and paid for) to build all of the package, and not put tolls on the Craney Island connector, or the wanna be third crossing ("Because this part of the Plan is so costly the shipping companies could not afford the toll").

We have two choices! We can react, and let them know that they are going to do for us, instead of TO US! Or we can wait and let them DO TO US, instead of FOR US!

The currant plan is eighty percent facilitate the ports, twenty percent build projects that Hampton Roads voters have already voted NO on, and zero percent to help currant Hampton Roads traffic problems! If WE don't deal with it now, than I am sure that the powers that be have plans for US to pay for it later!

Thank You For Your Time;
Kent Sylvester - Chesapeake