People, 1; Virginian-Pilot, big business, shyster politicians, 0

Despite a constant barrage of false information and inflammatory name calling, those dubbed by the Virginian-Pilot as 'gadflies,' because they resorted to the use of the principles set out on our Constitution to oppose taxation without representation, won.

Goliath's millions and power over the one-sided media in Tidewater couldn't muster more than 38% of the vote, losing by almost 2:1.  And the Pilot couldn't keep from taking a slam at those dubbed gadflies even in today's morning edition of its spin: "The referendum debate this fall pitted the business-backed YE$ Campaign against a grass-roots coalition of anti-tax conservatives, environmentalists and veteran local gadflies".  

VNS was the only local media outlet that (1)  allowed both sides unlimited, unedited access; and (2) editorially opposed the plan for people to raise their own taxes by 22% to pay for very ill-advised, poorly conceived transportation projects that would have only benefited politicians and big business interests.  All other media endorsed the proposal and the Virginian-Pilot allowed its once-prestigious pages of professional, objective journalism and reputation to be converted into a drum-banging propaganda machine against its readers. 

What a tragedy:  That our politicians were so out of step with the wants of the people; that they were so fearful of retribution at the polls they tried to shift the their responsibility for governing to the people;  that there is no credibility or trust in government ; that the media would become a propaganda whore against the very people it is supposed to represent and support; that the citizens had to take up arms to be heard; and that in even in overwhelming defeat the YE$ campaign whined that the voters were too stupid to understand the issues.

One can only hope that the blind-sheep following Republicrat rank and file will rebel against the big-business bought-and-sold elected leaders of  their party and toss the rascals out before they get a chance to formulate more grief on the citizenry.

One can also only hope that subscribers to the Pilot and viewers of TV news "against you" instead of "on your side" will always remember when politicians, area leaders, and media  turned against them; worked in a conspiracy against the best interests of the people of Tidewater and to usurp their will.

The people don't want more taxes.  They want more accountable, responsible politicians; more effective, efficient government.  They want to see one-man; one-job, instead of a crew, doing the work of government.  What part of "NO more taxes" do they not understand?

It was no fluke that Sen(ile) John Warner and 'Eddie Boy' Schrock, running for all intents and purposes unopposed ,only garnered 83% of the vote.  Wake up guys - that was the beginning of a protest vote against you.  Let's hope it grows to VOLCANIC  proportions.

It was $2M vs. the poorly funded Ax the Tax group - a group so poor they had to bring their own television sets from home to the Renaissance Hotel victory celebration Tuesday night to watch the returns come in because they couldn't afford the $147/set the hotel wanted to charge.  They had to 'pass the hat'  to raise the final funds  to pay the hotel bill for its celebration.  But they didn't care.  It was a victory celebration for the people.

God save the GADFLIES!  The Robert Deans, the Gene Waters, the Sanford Pankins; the James Atticus Bowdens, the John Mosses, the Ben Krauses, the Brian Babbs, the Johnny Joannous, the Tom Gears, the Patrick McSweeneys; the Reid Greenums, the Brian Kirwins, and all the others too numerous to name.  

They are the true representatives of the people.  In their case, GADFLY is a badge of honor.