The attitude & behavior of this politician is why people don't trust government

VB Sen. Stolle shows ignorance, rudeness toward citizens who defeated 22% sales tax hike referendum

[Editor's note:  The following exchange occurred when a delegation representing the Hampton Roads Taxpayer Coalition visited with VB Sen. Ken Stolle on the opening day of the General Assembly.

[The group visited with all members of the Virginia General Assembly and Gov. Mark Warner to explain that the rejection of the 22% sales tax hike referendum wasn't just over transportation, but all tax increases.  To that end they carried to each member of the assembly one of the "No Tax Hike" signs used in their successful 62% to 38% defeat of the referendum.

[They were warmly received by everyone except Stolle who demonstrated in the transcript below his arrogance, stupidity, and lack of ability to understand the issues.  The transcript is from a WTKR-TV's report of the clash.]

Transcript of Channel 3 Reporter, Stacy Davis, Linda Wall and Senator Kenneth Stolle

Linda Wall – “I’m here on behalf of the taxpayers of Hampton Roads.  We’re delivering our business cards today.  This is our business card.”  (She holds up a “No Tax Hike” sign).

Senator Stolle – “Well, what taxpayers are you referring to when you say ‘Hampton Roads?”

Linda Wall – “The ones who fought the sales tax increase referendum

Stacy Davis – “Wall is part of a group that helped defeat a November 5th transportation tax.  Some lawmakers proudly displayed the “No Tax Hike” placard but with others, in the case of Senator Kenneth Stolle of Virginia Beach, the reception wasn’t welcoming.

Senator Stolle – “I’ll listen to the taxpayers in my district, thank you very much…

Linda Wall – “Okay, well we represented the whole Hampton Roads.”

Senator Stolle – “You didn’t represent any of my district.”

Linda Wall – “Oh, yes, the No campaign certainly did represent your people…”

Senator Stolle – “You don’t.”

Linda Wall – “… the No campaign does…

Senator Stolle interrupts -  “You don’t”

Stacy Davis – “After she left, Stolle admitted Linda Wall and her group are wasting their time but may get their way anyway.  His prediction is that fellow lawmakers won’t raise taxes during a recession.”

Senator Stolle -  “I mean they’re a day late and a dollar short, these decisions have already been made, although there’s going to be some debate about cigarette taxes and other taxes, my guess is that none of those taxes will probably pass.”

Stacy Davis -  “ Hampton Roads Taxpayers Coalition will try to make sure of that vowing to be watchdogs for the rest of the session.”