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City Erects Illegal Billboard

Now you see

VNS forces city to take down billboard

Now you don't

Story of the disappearing billboard

8:55 a.m. Photographed illegal 12x40-foot billboard atop Mt. Trashmore
9:15 a.m. VNS called Councilwoman Reba McClanan: How can the city erect an illegal billboard when other companies are being sued for doing the same thing?  McClanan:  "I'll check on it."
9:20 a.m. VNS called Planning Director Robert Scott. Not available. Left voice message requesting return call to discuss an illegal billboard on Mt. Trashmore. Never received.
9:25 a.m. McClanan called back:  "I can't get the city manager. I do have someone checking on this.  This can't be allowed."
11:50 a.m. VNS calls for City Mgr. Jim  'The Signman'  Spore.  Not available.  Hides behind skirt of Asst. City Mgr. Kathleen Hassen who says:  "The billboard is not illegal."  VNS asks, "Because?"  Hassen said because the billboard is less than 12-ft high; it is not permanent; is on city property; is advertising a city-sponsored event; and is not on an easement or right of way.  "Can I have one like it on my property?"  "No", Spore's skirted one replies, because it wouldn't be advertising a city-sponsored event. "You need to talk to Kevin Hershberger in zoning," she finally says.
11:55 a.m Hershberger: "I think there is some misunderstanding.  We don't believe the city can do this. We will get back to you.  Karen Lasley (interim zoning administrator) is looking into the situation right now."
12 - noon Called Rick Rowe at Parks and Recreation, who allowed the sign to be erected at the request of Don Maxwell's Economic Development Department, he said, "It is coming down as we speak."
12:05 p.m. Lasley calls"The billboard is illegal and we have ordered it down.  The city is guilty of doing the same thing we are fighting over in court right now involving five (5) other billboards (the city claims are illegal).

Moral of this story?  Do as city says, not as it does.