30 Years and 40 Million Abortions:  What You Can Do

by James Atticus Bowden

This week, 30 years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down 50 state laws restricting abortion.  A simple majority of judges made up new rules.  The judges created a 'right to privacy'.  Those words aren't in the U.S. Constitution.  That's what you get when you pretend there is a 'living Constitution'.  Politics master principles.

The judicial branch is just as political as the executive and legislature.  Only judges can do more damage with a few words than a convention hall full of non-robed, non-job-for-life politicians can in all their lifetimes.  Judges denied citizenship to Blacks (1857), institutionalized segregation (1896), and approved interning ethnic Japanese in WWII (1942).  Judges opened the door to an abortion for profit industry, a climate of death and the Culture War (1973).  Who guessed it could mean 40 million deaths already?

Yet, Judges are not sovereign.  We, The People, are - if we exercise our power.

So, how do we exercise power against the highest 'law of the land' created whole cloth by judges?  We vote.  We communicate our intent to elected legislative and executive officials.

There are four life and family issues working in the General Assembly that need your support.  Look up these bills at http://leg1.state.va.us . You can type in the bills below as well as check on what our legislators are doing on all the laws.

Partial Birth Abortions.  Four bills are working, but HB2513 is the strongest with a narrow, genuine health 'exemption' for the mother.  Gov. Warner's only veto last year supported partial birth abortion.  No person of good conscience can defend this barbaric act.

Parental Consent.  HB1402 and SB1124 make an abortion the legal equivalent of giving an aspirin to a child, or getting their ears pierced - namely, parents must consent.

Clinic Safety.  HB2367 requires abortion clinics meet the standards of all other facilities offering out patient surgical procedures.

Feticide / Protection of Infants.  HB2692/SB1151 protect children in the womb from physical assault - except from abortion of course.  How bizarre.  A man can attack a woman to kill the baby in the womb and, yet, the liberals are so desperate to pretend an unborn baby is not a human with rights, they protect the criminal who attacks women.

You can help change judicial law by building our consensus positions.

Overwhelming majorities of Virginians agree that partial birth abortion is infanticide, the parent's authority is paramount, the health of the aborting mother is valuable, and unborn babies deserve protection from assault and abuse.

Why are Virginia Republicans leading the majority and Democrats so opposed?

The Republican base of believing Christians and Jews apply their world view to the real world.  They think the sanctity of life begins before birth.  The taking of life is by exception and with great sadness - whether it's war or execution.

Other carnal, 'cultural' Christians who see a 3-D sonogram believe the biological truth and choose life.  A baby in its first trimester is human. The baby is a different person living in the mother's body.  The science of biology triumphs.  Ask a pro-choice mother if she had a 'fetus' shower for her child.

Thus, Virginia's majority is built on morality and biology - motivated by love.

Christian and Jewish Democrats must answer their own conscience.  The Roman Catholic Church just published guidance saying pro-abortion Catholics violate the teachings of their church.  Liberal Protestants and Jews sadly suffer no such sanctions.  But, try to put "I am a Christian" and "I support partial-birth abortion" in the same sentence. 

Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade, and Sandra Cano, the Mary Doe of Doe v. Bolton, became Christians.  Now, they work to have their cases overturned.

The Democrat Party is pro-abortion because the largest single group in the Democrat's base are people who say they 'hate' Evangelical Christians.  So, the Fall 2002 Public Interest reports on a Baruch College study of attitudes in political parties.  The Democrats biggest constituency is 'secularist non-believers'.  No surprise here.  The study says Evangelicals don't reciprocate in kind.

These differences in ideas and attitudes define political parties.  The sanctity of life issue is worth your action as a citizen.  Please assert your authority.  Choose life - and contact our elected officials - and vote.

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