Casting Lott aside casts our lot

by James Atticus Bowden

            Casting Lott aside casts our Republican lot for the future.  Our lot is the moral high ground if we have the courage to defend it.  If we lack the determination to stand and fight when right, it’ll matter little how good or glorious our cause.  Noble proposals go to defeat as well as dastardly schemes.  So, take the high ground and dump Lott.  Enjoy the good view and prepare to defend against the bad consequences.

            Sen. Lott should take one for the team, since he fumbled, and resign his leadership position.  He shouldn’t implode by quitting and jeopardize our majority in the Senate.  His decision will show him the statesman for the greater good or the career politician serving self.

            Based on my observations, I would have rejoiced had he quit before the Centennial Birthday blowup.  The cheerleader chief lacked a backbone to this distant conservative.  Frankly, when Lott spoke so stupidly, I figured he needed a brain, too.  There is no medical miracle, yet, for a backbone and brain transplant. Then, Sen. Lott developed another malady.  He lost his guts.

            Sen. Lott’s pathetic, pandering, groveling apology tour portends terrible weakness for Republicans.  A senate leader without the intestines to bear any fortitude will fold, shaking in fear, at the first sign of race bait.  Future race baiting by liberals is guaranteed. 

            No backbone, no brain, no guts.  Cast Lott out now.

            Consider how that sets our lot for the future.  All who suffered real or imagined moral outrage can take comfort in the politically correct lynching.  And, seriously, Republicans can maintain the double standard which holds Republicans culpable for moral failings and Democrats responsible only to preserve power.

How, now, to hold our moral position when the armies of race-baiting liberals gather for new assaults?  Have the backbone, brain and guts to tell the truth, forcefully, in love.  Speak up about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s tremendous victory – among Whites, especially among conservatives, and throughout the South – in the name of Christianity

            The transformation of the human heart on racial prejudice is almost complete among Southern, White, Christian, conservative Republicans.  Racism is dead.  Racism is a sin – seen in the same light as segregation and slavery.  The descendants of the defenders of both immoralities renounce the sins of their ancestors.  Since their transformation is sincere, most don’t feel the urge for more groveling reconciliation for what is over.  They don’t hate the honor, courage and fidelity aspects of their whole history, because they have already repudiated the evil part.

            The sinfulness of racialism has shifted to the left.  The liberals still see people with prejudice, not as individuals, but as objects in groups.  Tragically, the fears of the formerly oppressed are fanned into fires by race-baiting Judas ‘leaders’.  People who make their living on the basis of their skin color promote a new racism.  The language of the old race baiters ironically morphed into the words white and black liberals who say they hate racism.  It’s amazing.  Like - separate, but equal, college dorms, business and professional associations, etc.

            Racial politics, like racial prejudice, requires one mind set.  No thinking, no individuality, allowed.  Harry Belafonte and others use the imagery of slavery times because liberal racism is the new plantation.  It’s vital to keep Blacks – Hispanics, Asians (when convenient), Muslims, atheists, women, and homosexuals as permanent classes of victims.  To keep the slaves on the socialist, elitist liberal place you need a permanent cast of villains.

            Enter Republicans, Whites, southerners, conservatives, males, Christians – in frozen prejudiced stereotypes.  Every chance the liberals can, they will marginalize anything said, simply because the official boogie men said it.  How wonderful to point to your political enemy’s labels – their membership in oppressor groups – and denigrate everything they say in a swoop.  Liberals can defeat ideas by intimidation without engaging them.  Simply attack the speaker for their being.

            The race bullies will blast at less and less and no offense at all.  Have the brain to know racial insensitivity when it happens, like Lott’s false praise and a former Ku Klux Klanner saying ‘white n-word’.  Have the backbone to stand for right.  Have the guts to stand and fight the next assault in cultural cleansing – whether it’s Southern or Christian heritage.  Deny guilt because guilt is gone.  Attack the attacks based on liberal prejudiced assumptions.  Reject the premises.  Pursue a conservative Republican agenda for a color blind America with courage.  This is our good lot.