The 2003 State of the Empire

by James Atticus Bowden

This protagonist for the American Imperial Republic pronounces the State of the Empire strong.  Our United States of America is becoming self-aware of our maturing Imperial responsibilities.  Soon, the attack on Iraq will expand our national strategy of containment and deterrence to include pre-emption and punitive attacks.  We fight two wars on one front.  Our domestic enemies will exploit every complication of war and occupation and every counter-attack by the Islamists.

Also, at home our Republic’s economic freedom seesaws between the even divide of socialist liberals vs. capitalist conservatives and libertarians.  The Republic itself is in jeopardy unless the sovereignty of our borders and the sanctity of the ballot box are enforced.  The threat to us is this simple: A house without walls can not stand.

The state of our reluctant Imperial Republic is like an extraordinary 12-year-old boy in the 6th grade.  Except this child-man is six foot six, rippled with muscles, a super athlete, Hollywood handsome, comes from a rich family, and possesses keen intelligence.  Such a person’s choices are imposed by his circumstances.  He must be either a protector or a bully.  The other kids will force him to act one way or the other.  Real bullies test him.  Weak children seek his friendship.  Everyone envies something about him.  Many resent him.  Some hate him simply because he lives.  A man-child cannot hide his stature.  His best friends can never be his true peers.  No one else has so many gifts.

So too, the United States of America’s coming of age as an Imperial Republic approaches points of insight.  Yet, we are conflicted over the choices.  Growing from Republic to Imperial Republic is like stepping from a secure childhood.  Our teen years promise chaos.  Certainly, there will be missteps.  This time of great consequence is the first act towards an honorable manhood.  The U.S. leads a coalition of the willing.  We do not make our survival the servant of any international sovereignty.  International bodies have as much authority as they have the power and will to eliminate threats of mass destruction.  Our weaker Allies will watch until they see the barbarians at their gates.

The Islamist barbarians will be our unrelenting enemies until they experience a Reformation, an Enlightenment, or a critical mass convert to Christianity or pagan secularism to comprehend democracy and the rule of law.  Even so, many Islamic countries will be our Allies of convenience.  Different strategies for different enemies support one strategic goal – defend our freedom and security.  Tyrants with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the will to use them or give them to terrorists will die.  Other powers may be contained.  Some may be paid off with generous diplomacy.  Mere evildoers without weapons or terrorists in hiding may live.  Our Imperial Republic seeks peace, not conquest.  Occupations will last only as long as necessary.  Even if it is a decade or more, eventually, the American Army will leave the vanquished.

Meanwhile in our house, Conservatives struggle for the future - applying compassion to our deepest problems through faith – one heart and soul at a time.  Ours is a long campaign to de-institutionalize liberalism from education, the media, foundations, corporations and some churches.  The Liberals show the iron teeth of their incipient fascism behind their flowery words of secular humanism and internationalist multi-culturalism.  Our American Civil War II, the Great U.S. Culture War, continues.

Eventually, when the Islamist barbarians’ hatred brings enough death and destruction, Americans will reject – totally - liberal appeasement and conservative isolationism.  Yet, a governing consensus for Imperial foreign policy is not enough.

The Republic is not safe.  Foreigners will try harder to influence domestic elections, power and policy.  The liberals will grow more radical and desperate.  Fools and cowards trade freedom for safety.

God-given freedoms exist only in nations where people are passionate about their own individual freedom.  Our Republic requires an educated, informed citizenry – faithful to God - and brave enough to risk all for liberty.  The Founders said so - and lived it.  Freedom and opportunity belong to only those with the will to fight for them.

Next year’s state of the U.S. Imperial Republic is in your hands.

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