Constitution, not Congress supreme law of the land


In today's (Thursday VNS) edition, there is an article concerning a proposed bill forcing Congress to stick to the Constitution

As a Libertarian, I understand the intent behind this bill.  Most problems in the United States today can be traced back to illegal actions of Congress.  But I also know that this bill is useless.  The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.  If Congress refuses to abide by the rules stated within the Constitution, what good is a lesser law going to do?

If true conservatives are concerned about the size and scope of our government, then they need to stop wasting their votes by voting for Republicans and Democrats that will only increase the size and scope of the government.  The only way to get the government back down to the size that it is intended to be, is to vote Libertarian.  Voting any other way is wasting your vote.

I challenge all who read this to attend the Libertarian Party meetings.  If you want the government out of your pocket and out of your life, (you know, what the Republicans say they stand for, but then do the opposite), then you need to attend a meeting of ours.  I also guarantee that we are the ONLY political party that had a booth at WNIS's recent Talkfest event that had copies of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  Moreover, we also understand and abide by it.

Don't sacrifice your principles, vote Libertarian. (Tidewater Libertarian Party website:

Brian - Norfolk