Y2K Purchase of City Council Seats

   The following table lists the campaign expenses of the major candidates for the $18,000 City Council seats that were up for election in 2000.  Much of the money spent by winners was illegally donated by  the Resort Leadership Council which had not formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) as required under election law to funnel money to political candidates.

   As a result, it has been quipped, and not humorously,  that the citizens of Virginia Beach got the best government special interest money could buy.

   Keep in mind that if you did not contribute heavily to the winning candidates, it is doubtful your interests will be considered when the council deliberates an issue in which you have an interest.

   Winning candidates bought their $18,000 seats for $366,194.99 (that was reported).  Who do you think they represent?



Campaign Expenses

Robert Dean

Rosemary Wilson*



Don Weeks

Robert Mandigo*



Wally Erb

Margaret Eure*



Glenn Corey

Meyera Oberndorf*



* Winning big spenders

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