Was shuttle tragedy an omen to U.S. & Israel which are hell-bent on reshaping the world with force? 

The Space Shuttle disaster today(Feb.1)was another horrific tragedy. I couldn't help but sense the strong symbolism of this accident. And I'm sure it will not go unnoticed in the Muslim world. 

A joint American and Israeli Space Mission blows up over a place called Palestine, Texas with an Israeli pilot onboard, who in 1981 attacked the Osirak Nuclear Reactor in Iraq. 

I don't subscribe to any of the world's religions, especially not the Hebrew God and his dysfunctional extended family of Princes and Prophets. But I do have a sense of what the ancient Greeks and Hindus referred to as the Fates or the Gods, those indefinable forces that seem to have an affect on events - Those phenomena that the major religions are quick to claim credit for in the name of their deity when it suits their interests. The radical elements in the Muslim religion will no doubt exploit this accident as an omen from "God".

It's just possible that today's tragedy is an omen. Not from the "Muslim God" for his retinue. But a message to all of us from those "Fates and Gods", a message about the hubris of those two wannabe empires - The United States and Israel. These countries who seem hell-bent on using force to reshape "their" worlds to their liking.

Thirty seven years ago when I returned from Vietnam, I never thought I'd see a time when the draft-dodgers of that day led by a Texas-Brag dimwit from their ranks, would be running the country and trying to stampede us into yet another war that they will safely avoid.

After Iraq, will the United Nations "coalition" remain mobilized to force Israel to destroy its Weapons of Mass Destruction arsenal, that holds much of the Muslim World in the crosshairs? The 200+ Nuclear weapons it had as of a decade ago and no doubt chemical and biological weapons are just as menacing  to a defenseless and sizeable part of the human race within range of this terror, as the threat we are told  may "someday" be aimed at us. Perhaps we are trying our damnest to make that perceived threat a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I'll end with an adage Ezekiel bootlegged from the Babylonians - Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword.

Don Alberts