Del. Dick Black:  A real American, as a legislator and  a x-Marine, whose word is concrete solid 



Dear Richard:

Dear Dick Black, 

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.  I did take note of the late hour you wrote it.  I was in bed and asleep.  You were protecting me again, while I slept.  I am sharing your reply with the same recipients that I sent the first letter, except for the Daily Press.  They don't deserve it.   

I see where you are suing concerning the double purpose Bill of budget and tax increase combination.  You have my up most support.  Apparently my Delegate and Senator have not studied our Virginia Constitution.  I would hate for them to become a Federal representative. 

Richard Thomas 
Newport News

I want you to know that I am with you, and that I will never betray you.  Every day, I see men who compromise principle for personal advantage.  This is particularly true in politics and especially so regarding the tax debate.  But I will not compromise on principle.  It is not in my character to do so.
When I was 21, I fought as a lieutenant in the 1st Marines.  We held a ridgeline called Nui Loc Son.  Most were killed or wounded defending the ridge.  Every man was prepared to die in order to hold his position.  Many did.  That experience gave me a stoic, self-sacrificing perspective that is different from most.  It taught me the kind of loyalty that doesn't end--even if you're the last man standing.
I have no loyalty to well-heeled special interests; my loyalty is to working-class Virginians.  I know they can't afford higher taxes while their jobs are being offshored and their factories are being closed.  I understand the wage pressures brought on by floods of illegal immigrants.  Ordinary Virginians feel pressures most politicians will never understand.  But I do understand.
I don't know whether Republicans will hold the line against massive tax increases or turn on the people like Democrats.  But you can be certain that when others betray you, I will not.
Warm regards, 
Colonel Richard H. Black (Ret.)
Virginia House of Delegates
32nd District