Unsuitable Del. Suit's property assessment updated

Del. Terrie L. Suit's assessment for the current year is $278,198, not the $112,638 an erroneous city record showed last December and reported by Virginia News Source.

City Tax Assessor Jerry Banagan Wednesday produced actual records going back several years showing Ms. Suit's Blackwater mini-estate at 3304 Ives Rd., has been assessed at more than $200,000.  She and husband Tom paid $245,598 for the 1.360-acres and home in 1995.

Banagan admitted the property was under-assessed for several years 'because we are conservative,' in explaining why it wasn't assessed at the sales price or above originally.

Records produced Wednesday show that the house has 2,770 square feet of living area; has a 'shop' with 1,614/sf; a 786/sf office; plus two garages totaling 1,030/sf; a 210/sf porch; and 786/sf storage shed.

City records show that Suit built the office inside the 'shop,' which also includes an indoor shooting range, obtaining the building permit for $25,000 in Dec. 2001.  She has declined to discuss the situation or answer any questions by Virginia News Source.  Sources told VNS that Suit built the office with funds from her $1,200/mo office allotment from the General Assembly.

The use of the funds is legal under General Assembly rules, but members usually don't use tax funds to make capital improvements to their property.  Most lease office space, but Suit will retain the office if and when she leaves office.

Still unresolved is whether a permit is required for an indoor shooting range on private property.  And if needed, whether the Suits obtained one.

Suit has refused to answer any questions raised by VNS.

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