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Rowe - a true 'journalistic dirtball'

Morris, you are a true journalistic dirt ballI love it.

I saw the profile in that rag Portfolio* and actually laughed out loud. I think you are delivering everyone a great service. 

Seems the only ones uncomfortable with what you are doing are those with a little something tucked away in the closet. Let me know if I can help in any way.  (I'm not looking for business.  Just want to help if I can.).  I'll keep my eyes and ears open for possible scoops. 

Hey, didn't see you at Kate Graham's funeral!**

J.D. via email 7/24/01

*See Portfolio Magazine, AKA the 'rag,' featured VNS editors on Page 6 of its July 24, 2001 edition.

**Editor's noteRowe was being held hostage by too many good stories working in Virginia Beach and couldn't leave town for funeral.