Where's the truth about 31st St. Project?  Did Jim Spore get a Fleet Enema kit for Christmas?

You can't help but wonder.  Last year at this time, the council, on holiday, couldn't secretly get together fast enough to finalize the 31st Street hotel deal with two former convicts.  It had to be done then and there so the development time clock could start ticking. Marriott was chopping at the bit to give developers a franchise.  See: Hotel project still stalled

But now that development clock seems to have run down.  Or is City Manager Jim Spore preparing to give the taxpayers (and even some council members) another of his Famous Fleet Enemas?  At this rate, the fantasyland 4-star hotel could be a Days Inn before the deal is done!

Right now those who know aren't saying.  But what is known is that they know why the deal hasn't gone down. They are lying to the council, misleading the council, or are simply refusing to tell the council the truth.

This is another in a long series of enemas Spore, et al have given the public.  Deals set in concrete that are less stable than quick sand.  Constantly shifting and changing once Spore has gotten the council's approval of an initial plan.  

Then comes a series of 'changes'  and the deal changes 180-degrees from its original concept before 'enema Jim' inks the final document. 

For example the Town Center hotel/office, center-of-the-city, big business district has now become a subsidized housing project. Construction to begin this past spring on the property the city sold at $4.5 million loss 'to-bring-in-high-paying-jobs' still sits vacant.

The question is this:  Why hurry to do a deal that can't be finalized with the same expediency?  There is something wrong.

Should a grand jury be called to try to untangle what is becoming day by day, more and more city bureaucratic blunders? 

Just recently the council gave the Branwick Corp. a walk on its commitment to begin construction this spring on property Spore got the council to give it at a $4.5 million loss to the taxpayers.  The environment wasn't right to start the construction.  The council approved the delay. But in Radford, it was announced last week that Branwick had signed on for a $7 million industrial park deal along I-81.  A better environment, don't you guess?

The list goes on and on. (see:  Graphic on Spores Failed Follies and the enema he gave city employees this year.)