Where's the truth:  False Promises?

Unsuccessful candidate for City Council, Page Lea, was appointed to fill a controversial vacancy on the Virginia Beach Economic Development Authority by City Council Tuesday night.

Is he going to get his revenge on the citizens for rejecting him for office after it was disclosed late in the campaign that he'd funneled thousands of dollars in a conspiracy into a pseudo conservation groups coffers to run attack ads against an opponent?  (See also:  Lea in conspiracy)

Not if you can believe him and his campaign ad:

When the voters vote on a referendum, why is it so hard to listen to what they have to say?

If Virginia Beach citizens feel so passionately about an issue that they put it to a public vote, shouldn't the City Council respect what the public has to say?

Page Lea thinks so.

Unfortunately, the Virginia Beach City Council hasn't always agreed.

On May 7, you have the opportunity to elect a City Council candidate who has the will to listen and the experience to lead.

Page  Lea is a successful entrepreneur and efficiency expert.  He'd like to use this experience to help eliminate waste in City hall.

The people by a vote of 58% in 2000 voted rejected the hotel project.  It was ignored by the council then and since.  Now it's Lea's turn to step to the plate.  Will his vote on the authority be for the hotel project?  Will he listen to Vice Mayor Will (Sessoms) and Councilman Billy Harrison, his benefactors? If so, his own words in the ad quoted above will show integrity doesn't count and neither do promises.  Aren't you glad he wasn't elected to council?