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I guess the recession is only for the "little guys"See: Land grab?

As always, this is just outrageous.....to think that there are public servants on the take ...........is a little hard to deal with.......in hard times......like these guys don't have enough money as it is.......

Ed - Virginia Beach



Good story  See: Land grab? . My only questions concern the lawyer, Donald Clark. Why him? 

Who is he, as it relates to all these folks? 

Or, as they say, what's in it for him? 

To me he is just another lawyer in the Yellow Pages   ( I just looked him up).

RS - Virginia Beach




After following the debate over Ferrell Parkway for the last nine months, one thing is for sure.  See: Land grab? This proposed lease is not about protecting the environment. It is about protecting financial interests. Not mine or other citizens of Va. Beach, but rather the financial interests of members of this City Council and a select well connected few. See: Chart of Characters

The Council says that they need to transfer the land to the Fish Wildlife Service to protect it. Whatís wrong with the City protecting this land? The city staff has managed it in its pristine state for the last
20 years.
Does the Council now feel that their staff is incompetent and can no longer be trusted to do the job? Or is it because they are being forced to unload it to the Fish  Wildlife Service for them buying Lotus Creek.

Over the course of this project, this Council has rebuffed the ruling of a Circuit Court judge,  recommendations from their own staff, the Planning Commission, several independent well-respected
consulting firms, fire  rescue personnel, and the citizens
that live in the affected area. 

Does this council know more than all these groups or is it that they donít care as long as their financial interests are protected?

To the citizens in Sandbridge who feel stopping Ferrell Parkway will help preserve Sandbridge the way it was. 

Wake up and look around you. 


Ever since you lost the fight to block the new sewer system, there are no more 2-bedroom weekend homes being built, but rather multi-floor, multifamily mega vacation homes. 

You may win the battle over Ferrell Parkway, but you already lost the war on the future of Sandbridge.

To the Fish and Wildlife Service. Shame on you. How dare you come into our community and breed such ill will and discontent. 

Your actions have pitted neighbor against neighbor, and your desire to gain Ferrell Parkway borders on extortion. You are allowed to buy land from willing sellers, not force them into selling by holding a carrot in front of their face.  You are a wildlife refuge not a land planner.

How many more controversies must we endure from this Council before something is done? 

Why should we continue to support a Council that puts its own financial interests above the health and well being of its citizens for generations to come. 

This is not about protecting the environment; this is about protecting their wallets.  See:  City to pay $3M for property worth only $607,194

We need new leadership in this City.

If you have any comments or concerns regarding this information, please feel free to contact me at my office (757) 721-2114. I look forward to your equal representation on this matter.

James M. Reeve


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