Ferrell Parkway winners fail to get city to pay legal fees

Friends of Ferrell Parkway and city council candidate Andrea Kilmer who successfully won two (2) suits blocking the City of Virginia Beach from disposing of the public's right-of-way in the proposed Ferrell Parkway extension to the city's southern beaches were denied legal fees Friday.

Kilmer said that Circuit Court Judge Patricia West said that although she sympathized with the Kilmer and the friends, that she did not have the authority to rule in granting them legal fees from the city.

In both cases brought by Kilmer, et al, Judge West ruled the city violated the law in trying to dispose of  Ferrell Parkway in both sale and long-term lease to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS).  In the last case, she said the city's attempt to long-term lease the problem was unconstitutional and a 'sham.'

Kilmer, et al were represented by Samuel Meekins in all cases.  Fees involve total about $50,000.  Kilmer said the group will discuss its legal options with Meekins and do not rule out an appeal to the State Supreme Court.

The cases were long, complex and convoluted. 

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