Eastern Shore resident asks government for common sense solutions to simple transportation problem

Mr. Clement:

I received your response to my e-Mail to Gov. Warner.  Thank you for your prompt response.  Enclosed is a copy of the e-Mail to the Governor.  Prior to contacting the Governor’s Office I spoke with Mr. Cumming, VDOT and also to Dr. S. Dawn Goldstein, Northampton County Superintendent of Schools.  They have indicated they would look into the matter.

I am most concerned with the item in bold type.  The major problem now is “time to correct this matter”.  I am requesting you or the Governor’s Office to intervene by bringing a legal action on behalf of the Commonwealth with regards to the decision made by the local governing body and to review the matter in more detail.  This must be accomplished within 30 days of the Boards decision.

I recognize it is inappropriate for state officials to interfere in local government decisions, however in this case the matter extends beyond the local governing body because the decision involves future State and Federal transportation funding of a major North-South route, health, safety and welfare of the motoring public.  By example, three (3) miles North of this proposed development, VDOT has been requested by the Northampton County Board of Supervisors to construct a $2.5 Million dollar road widening project to correct the same thing they are now creating 3 miles away.  To allow the development of this “GAS STATION” as currently designed is inappropriate spending of government funds!!!  There is a safer and better way to build this project!!!!!

1.        If the developer desires to serve both North and South bound traffic at this location, it would be in the interest of safety to acquire an additional location on the East side of U.S. 13.

2.        The developer can realign the roadbed to accommodate a wider median strip.

3.        The developer could relocate the project to an area of U.S. 13 that has a 60’ to 70’ wide median strip.

4.        The developer could identify with the VDOT road study that area around the intersection of SR 184 and U.S. 13 where the median will be 200’± in width and place the REFUELING facility in the median strip where it will be little or no obstruction to traffic.

I have spoken with Mr. Cumming about this project as well.  He is aware that the decision by the Board of Supervisors is in opposition to the Planning Commission recommendation and the VDOT study I have mentioned.  This is all about bringing 8 to 10 jobs to the lower end of Northampton County and not the Health, Safety and Welfare of the traveling public.  The rational that I heard from the Board was the development plan is better than the last one submitted.

As a concerned citizen and a taxpayer, I solicit your support in this matter.  Your office has significant input on how my road taxes are expended.  Poor decisions by local governments that require state and federal funding to correct is not prudent use of taxpayers money.  This is a matter of being prudent and proactive to create a “WIN-WIN” solution to a transportation problem.

Thank you for your time.

Granville Hogg