VDOT listening, but not hearing traffic problem raised by Eastern Shore resident

[Editor's Note: Mr. Hogge has had an ongoing discussion with VDOT about the traffic dangers inherent in a construction proposal on the Eastern Shore.  Other correspondence on the problem to VDOT include: State hwy. plan would waste money, cause dangerous traffic flaw ; & Eastern Shore residents asks government for common sense solutions to transportation problem]

Mr. Clement: 

I appreciate your February 21, 2003 response to my e-mail message.  With the exception of advising me to contact Ms. Wimbush, your response reiterated the facts I stated in my message to you.  What is at issue in this matter is the inappropriate expenditure of Public Transportation Funds (State and Federal) due to a “poor” decision at the local government level.  I have described to you a similar example not three (3) miles away from this site that is almost identical land use and the local governing body is requesting $2 million in transportation funds to remediate the same transportation problem that is about to be created. 

Mr. Cumming and Ms. Wimbush are applying the VDOT standards and they are requesting the developer to adhere to same.  They are performing their jobs.  I might add Mr. Cumming does an excellent job for us here on the Eastern Shore. 

The answer to this matter lies within your office and in the Governor’s Office.  As Secretary of Transportation, with the information presented to you, you should be able to foresee there will be another request from the local governing body of Northampton County to correct a transportation problem that is almost identical to the request VDOT has received not 30 days ago from the same governing body.   

Is it your intent to dismiss the matter of poor management of transportation funds because the request for funds to correct the transportation problem won’t happen on your watch? 

If you are not able to direct the proper spending of transportation funds then, with the exception of the voters, please direct me to the person that can. 

Granville Hogg - Eastern Shore