Demo presidential candidates just recycled, fossilized dinosaurs 

Dear VNS,

First of all, I am not a liberal Democrat. Secondly, if I was I would be screaming at the top of my lungs telling my state and national party apparatus to stop resurrecting fossilized dinosaurs (Joe Lieberman) and fossilized ideas (anti-wealthy, anti-business, BIG government, high taxes, government operated schools, social security, murder labeled as pro-choice, etc.) in an attempt to regain power in Congress. Even if I was going to lean toward liberal it's still MY MONEY. I made it and I don't feel guilty in doing so.

I have read extensively on the history of these dying ideas. They started near the beginning of the 20th century when oil barons and steel barons were blazing a trail of free enterprise across this great land. The rich guys got a little zealous and government stepped in to spread the wealth around a little bit. That didn't make business "evil" as liberals believe - that made them human. They were no more greedy than you and I. 

The next phase of government controlling corporate greed was when FDR took over the entire U.S. economy at the onset of WWII. Yes, it mobilized assets to build war making materials, but as the war began to wind down government management of the economic machine proved to be a miserable failure. The problem is: the federal government never handed back as much of the economy as it took. It decided to keep some of it. The liberals believe FDR should have kept ALL of it. Hillary Clinton now wants to correct that mistake by taking over health care which constitutes about one seventh of the American economy.

When I look at the parade of "geezers" the liberals keep marching out to run for President I am aghast! Can't you guys find some new blood with some new ideas to put on a national ticket for crying out loud! Joe Lieberman is the best you can do? And that moron from North Carolina who  threw his hat in the ring is nothing more than a puppet for Bill and Hillary Clinton and hasn't presented a new idea yet.

Tom Daschle was on a news program 2 days ago. What a piece of intellectual work that man is. Listen to him speak. Every other word, in an effort to "sell" you his ideas is "clearly". Every question is responded to with "Clearly, ..........., the Bush team isn't ......". Every answer to every question. Problem is, the answer never specifically answers the question. It provides criticism of the current administration but NEVER actually answers with specific details of what he would do if he were in a position to do something. Lieberman is no better at answering specific questions than Daschle is.

Here's my problem: I will never be a liberal, but if I was searching for a political philosophy, I wouldn't follow these guys across the street. No original ideas. Just hatred for the way things are. They can't hide  their old worn out ideas that have been around since 1920. New faces - same old socialist ideas.

Larry Hatch
Virginia Beach