Herr Stolle speaketh with forked tongue on gun control issue;
Here is one voter who didn't get forked by Herr Stolle's semantics 

[This voter wrote to 8th District Sen. Herr Ken Stolle seeking support  for gun legislation making it legal for persons with concealed carry permits to also legally carry weapons at airports without fear of criminal charges.  Here is his analysis of Stolle's reply along with a copy of it.]

Here is the letter on SB660: Notice how Senator Stolle doesn't mention that permit holders CAN currently carry on non-sterile airport property. Instead he says no one can. He says that allowing permit holder to carry in the terminal would not be consistent with the overriding purpose of the bill, but he doesn't explain how that is the case. Truth is he can't justify his position logically, so he just skips over it. Also, if you are carrying a concealed handgun, since security doesn't know you have that gun by definition, how would that distract security?

Here is his letter:

"Thank you for your e-mail to request that I amend Senate Bill 660 to allow concealed handgun permit holders to carry in the non-sterile areas of an airport terminal. As you are probably aware, the House of Delegates voted today to amend the bill so concealed handgun permit holders who are picking up or dropping off the passenger of an airline would not be subject to the provisions of the bill.

The bill, as amended, will come back to the Senate for approval of the House amendments. I do not intend to support those amendments because I do not feel that they are consistent with the overriding purpose of the  bill.

Under the current law, the Norfolk airport prohibits ALL firearms from being carried onto ANY airport property at anytime.

This bill will limit that restriction, so that it only applied to terminals and not the other areas on airport property; thus, expanding the right to bear arms on airport property, not limiting it.

After the terrorist attacks of 911, airport security is crucial and it is vitally important that we have a standard policy that applies to all commercial airports across Virginia. Unfortunately, we do not have the manpower at our airports to discern who is validly carrying a gun and who isn't without distracting airport security personnel from the heightened responsibilities they bear after the terrorist attacks.

I hope that you understand that by introducing this bill, I feel I am working hard to strike a balance between gun rights and public safety at airports.

Again, thank you for your e-mail. I am always happy to hear from my constituents about matters of importance to them. If I may assist you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am,

Very truly yours,
Ken Stolle
District 8