Herr Sen. Ken Stolle says he won't stop voting to hike taxes

In a brave and incredible appearance before what used to be the area's most fiscally conservative group - the Saturday GOP breakfast in Virginia Beach - Herr GOP Sen. Stolle minced no words:  "I'm going to vote to raise taxes as long as I'm in the General Assembly to fund things (programs) we've agreed to."

He cited numerous tax sapping programs that he said he made a promise to support when elected to the legislature and he said he will not 'break his promises" regardless of their costs.

Stolle never addressed his loyalty to the people who put him in office and approximately 75% of the 125 or more attendees at the breakfast were anti-tax supporters.

Stolle said that rather than just talk, he would answer questions.  He took only three (3) questions, the last having to do why cost of government and taxes were growing faster than family incomes.  He used that question to launch a full almost 45 minute filibuster justifying the need for higher taxes.

Stolle acknowledge that the government is playing a shell game with tax funds by funding some agencies from the funding pool of another and is now faced with having to pay those funds and more back to the original source. 

He used verbal rope-a- dope language to talk about everything, every need, without answering  why government costs and taxes are growing faster than family income.

A couple people shouted for him to sit down and shut up, but he didn't stop, passing the 9 a.m. cutoff  deadline, causing numerous people to start walking out on him

One legislator as he walked out said of Herr Stolle, "He's full of bullsh-t."