High-flying council tour postponed
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VB city news release

The Virginia Beach City Councilís aerial tour of development sites in three states scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 1,  has been postponed.  A new date for the trip has not been set.  As soon as it is rescheduled, details will be sent to the news media.

The purpose of the tour will be to evaluate well-planned communities that incorporate innovative architectural design, cluster concepts, and open space into creative, exciting and affordable housing for residents.   Council members will have the opportunity to meet with municipal planning officials in each community on the tour.


New Council sets earlier standards for catering to high friends in low places

Editor,   On Wednesday July 31, the Pilot reported that City Councilman Richard Maddox has arranged a "jet trip" for members of city council. Maddox pal, developer Steven B. Sandler will use his airplane and we, the taxpayers, will pay for the fuel.   

This "jet trip" is an obvious intrusion by Sandler into council affairs thanks to Maddox.  

Maddox is wrong when he says that the transition area is "the biggest issue facing the city right now."  

Roads and traffic congestion problems are the highest priority for ordinary, working citizens as was shown in the citizens poll taken in March 2000.   

Why should we copy other cities?  I have seen parts of Ocean City, MD.  It is nothing special.  Why would we copy that?    Council should cancel this "jet trip."  

It is not needed and sounds too much like a Washington, D.C. lobbying effort.  

Robert D. O'Connor