City is financing big buck follies on backs of homeowners

Are you working harder and making less these days, Bunkie?  Feel like there are more hands in your tax pocket than your own these days?  Ever wonder how the city can say the huge costs going into oceanfront development is easing your tax burden when it seems to been draining your bank account, Bunkie?

Well take heart, Bunkie.  The truth is at hand.  As part of the continuing series of charts provided to Virginia News Source, you can see for yourself:  What's the truth?  Who's lying? 

This chart doesn't make it appear the highly touted ocean front is paying its way.

Tell your council members you object.  And they'll give you rope-a-dope excuses that'd make Mohammad Ali proud.  The excuses are in the chart below.

PS:  Also check out the chart showing how your property assessments have grown over the year into the stratosphere.  And the council keeps saying it is raising meal taxes to finance city follies. They have and Virginia Beach now has the 6th highest meal tax rate in the entire United States.  Now these are reasons to re-elect this council and show our civic pride.

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