Council was right to fiscally 'spank' Beach School Supt. Tiny Tim Jenney for attempting  to coerce $19 MILLION out of public funds to cover his mismanagement of budget funds but council should now be subjected to a public horse whipping itself for similar practices

It's not like we are standing at the head of the line cheerleading that city council Tuesday rejected the School Administration's plea for more cash - $19 MILLION more cash.

And while we would be the last to imply there was any wisdom, civic responsibility or government accountability in the action taken by council, it was a refreshing, bold and correct  action to take.

There is little question that the School Board under the direction of School Supt. (Tiny) Tim Jenney, has grossly expended the school budget in a foolish fashion, ignorant of priorities.

Jenney's modus operandi was "We'll spend everything we have on what I want and then when it comes time for teacher raises, we'll put the monkey on the backs of the council and the people for more taxes.  They can't vote against a teacher raise."  Where has this clown been for the last 8 years?

And so it came to pass.  In his dictatorship role over the board, Tiny Tim blew the resources on the lowest priority items.  He left the teachers 'swinging in the wind.'  We can take a tent and a good teacher and educate a child.  We can't take a great building without adequately paid teachers and educate a child.  Tiny Tim doesn't see education this way.

Tiny Tim sees education as a political game:  Set up the ruling authorities and box them in a corner by forcing them to make an unpopular decision if they don't follow the plan.

Tiny Tim, however, got taken to the woodshed by certain members of the board after he went public calling for a tax hike - a call that wasn't his to make or coerce the City Council into making.

There were two (2) problems with the council's action Tuesday in dumping on Tiny Tim:  (1).  He's vindictive enough after throwing his private temper tantrum to continue to blame the teachers for his lack of effective management and political skills; and (2).  The council should look inward at its abusive spending practices while giving Tiny Tim a public fiscal spanking.