School superintendent stops wife from hawking commercial massage service to her peers

School Supt. Timothy R. (AKA Tinee Tim to his less than admiring staffers) Jenney has told school board members that his wife no longer will be endorsing commercial massage and spa services and that the company will no longer be allowed to advertise it is operating with his approval. (See link below for original story)

In a terse email to School Board Member Dan Lowe, Jenney wrote:  "The vendor has been contacted and has stopped advertising a Superintendent Office clearance.  None was given.  Ms. Taylor has been dealing with this. I was made aware of the circumstances on Friday last."

Gay JenneyThe action was taken after Virginia News Source started making queries about a letter Jenney's wife, Dr. Alice Gay Jenney, principal at Strawbridge Elementary School, circulated to other principals about 'free spa and massage services' from "Mrs. Sharon Davis and Mrs. Kristina Elkins, Skin and Spa Speci9alists with BeautiControl Products."

The two women had given Ms. Dr. Jenney and her staff 'free' services during their faculty workdays.  Ms. Jenney then wrote a letter stating: 

"Please allow this letter to serve as a 100% positive endorsement for Mrs. Sharon Davis and Mrs. Kristina Elkins...."

"I would highly encourage you to take advantage," she wrote fellow principals, "of providing your staff with this special thoughtful treat from one or both of these wonderful ladies."

Ms. Dr. Jenney's action was in direct violation of the following board policy:

School Regulation 4-30.1:  

"Employees shall not recommend any commercial product or services, or aid in distributing literature or publicity endorsing or recommending such product or services."

Ms. Davis and Ms. Elkins attached a flyer that was also distributed in conjunction to Ms. Dr. Jenney's endorsement letter stating:

"We have received permission from the superintendent's office to go into schools and offer this FREE service."

"Obviously," said one source, "Supt. Jenney wants to make it look like something his wife was doing without his knowledge and he is trying to distance himself from it. He's either acting or he really is dumb."

Several people took offense to VNS's report on the commercialism despite the fact it was a violation of board policy. Some felt Ms. Dr. Jenney was being picked on for 'who she was,' that VNS was being unfair, and she is a 'good person.'   No one disputed she had been a good teacher, vice principal, and principal.  But it was pointed out, "Who she is is all the more reason for her to be extra cognizant of what she says and does now.  Most people will assume everything she says and does is with her husband's knowledge and approval."

That was one of the problems with the letter and flyer:  It was sent by the school system's 2nd highest authority (Ms. Dr. Jenney)  with a clear implication other principals should allow Davis and Elkins into their schools to make further business contacts.

One Internet source said BeautiControl Products is a multi-level marketing venture whereby 'consultants,' such as Ms. Davis and Ms. Elkins, get economic incentives for 'recruiting' other consultants.  It is a branch of Tupperware and is based in Dallas, TX, according to information from the Internet.

It could not be determined if Ms. Dr. Jenney is also a consultant with the company.  Jenney could not be contacted for comment.  To avoid appearances of nepotism, the supervision of Ms. Dr. Jenney, his wife, comes under the Ms. Taylor referenced above, causing one to comment, "How would you like to have to discipline your boss's wife for violation of school board policy?"

School superintendent's wife hawks commercial business to schools - urges principals to use massage service