Supt. Jenney not all bad


While no one can dispute the right of Virginia News Source to publish parody and opinion pieces that don't put School Supt. Timothy Jenney in a favorable light, I must say that Supt. Jenney has the city's education system at heart.

He believes what he does is the right thing.  And he is convinced that the system is being short changed when it comes to funding from the City Council. 

He is educated.  He is vain.  He does have an ego and unfortunately he plays right into the hands of the media like you when he refuses to comment, discuss, or explain.  If he has a major fault that is it.  I am sure if you'd sit down and talk with him, you'd come away mellowed and more understanding of his motives, intent, and actions.  Those of us who support him realize that his failure to communicate with you fails to serve the city, its citizens, and himself.  

Many of the teaching staff, regardless of what the Virginia Beach Education Association says, hold Supt. Jenney in high professional regard.  We have seen the real side of him and understand his goals and aspirations for this school system.

In the meantime, I think you are being unfair to him and he is being unfair to himself by not using his talents to communicate with you.  But you can't deny his dedication to first rate education

BA - Virginia Beach