Best part of the job is the commute



FYI:  A new survey reflects that:    "Respondents rated their commute to work as the best part of their job, with 58.7 [about 60] percent satisfied."

    1.  Even IF there were  NO "undecideds",  the  maximum percentage "Dissatisfied" would be about 40 per cent.

    2.  Thus, the margin of "satisfied" commuters (60%) exceeds "dis-satisfied" commuters (40%) by 50 percent!

Yet the Media would have us believe that most - if not ALL - commuters are extremely unhappy about their commute - when, in reality, most regard it as "the best part" of their work day.

The undeniable fact is that every commuter is "voting with his feet"  that the "quality of life with commute" available to him is better for him than the "quality of life" available to him without commute.  See: for full report.

Marv Keefer - VB