Virginia News Source erred in reporting Ex-councilman Harrison's new law firm received more than $1.64M in fees as outside lawyers for city in past two years - the total was just shy of $1M for the period

Virginia News Source incorrectly reported figures on fees and costs paid Williams, Mullen based on a misinterpretation of information provided by City Atty. Les L. Lilley. The corrected figures are in the table below.  The figures represent amounts the city paid Williams, Mullen, a law firm that former councilman Billy Harrison is joining on Aug. 1 (see story below).  Virginia News Source apologizes to City Atty. Lilley for any problems the errors may have caused.

Year 2000/01
Year 2001/02
Two year total paid to Williams, Mullins, Clark & Dobbins
*Costs refer to pass-through expenses that would also be paid in-house, such as court reporters, filings, etc.