Bob Mandigo is a disgrace to the office of vice mayor, his family, friends, and the city's image (so is the mayor for enabling him by not condemning his misconduct)
He should resign now to demonstrate real character

Bob Mandigo is a nice man.  I like him.  I even told Dave Addis that.  But most people who know him agree, but say he isn't cut out to be a public servant. And I agree.  He isn't vice mayor material.  I don't think he's even councilman material.  Not when his goofy-looking police mug shots accompany his resume and news stories around the region and state.

"Listen," said one who knows him fairly well, "Bob is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, but he's stupid.  Not the brightest bulb in the pack.  Just listen to some of the questions he asks during council meetings.  They're so stupid sometimes that the answers are obvious to my 5-year-old.  But he's still a nice guy."

I feel the same way, but I've never been around him when I was wearing a dress.  I haven't seen his black side.  But I've read about it in court files. He's a wife beater, the record shows.  And an adulterer.

He has a history and record of claiming to be beat up by his women.  So he says, but court records and his own comments to neighbors prove otherwise.

I agree he's stupid.  He doesn't realize how seriously his personal behavior and problems are damaging the office of vice mayor.  He likes the headiness of power, the buzz he gets even when cutting ribbons while our pudgy little mayor is out of town,  that he personally believes his stick-to- itness is a personal asset and a public commitment.

He's a disgrace to the office, to his family,  to the citizens, to the council, and the city's image nationwide.

Resign, not just from the office of vice mayor but from the council.  You'd be doing yourself, your friends, family and the citizens a real public service.