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   Silly Council votes to protect pubics & privates with new hole-in-one law

    One woman's whining that she was sexually assaulted when she voluntarily sought the services of a body piercer  to get her genitals mutilated got more results from city council - without any substantiation of her story - the police wouldn't bring charges and prosecutors wouldn't prosecute - than the more than 34,000 voters who turned thumbs down on a proposed 4-star hotel at 31st Street.  Council approved a same-sex pubic mutilation ordinance without flinching following the at times tearful display of a black woman who claims sexual assault while being mutilated.

     It seems one of the newly elected grannies on City Council, Rosemary Wilson, wants to protect her brood from self-destruction.  This self appointed matron of the feeble minded of our city was quoted in the June 7 issue of the Pilot as saying that the ordinance was “Necessary to protect the public.”  

    Will another $250 per hour outside law firm be called in once again to represent taxpayers when this ordinance is challenged and the City Council is forced into court over this egregious act of intrusion into the lives of consenting adults?  With the city’s recent track record of losing all its court cases, we wonder if City Council isn’t being illegally advised into a repetitive stupid action syndrome.

    Is Mrs. Wilson going to next suggest that inspections of, and probing into private parts only be done by same - sex OB-GYN’s?  We hope the continued attacks on our Constitutional rights by the council will continue to result in their falling on their own swords in our courts of law.

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