School Supt. Tim Jenney throws a School Board feast on tax dollars

Let them eat crab, prime rib, stuffed shrimp...@ taxpayers' expense

Napoleon costume
Jenney as Napoleon 

School Supt. Tim Jenney, just 2 nights after getting a highly favorable closed door evaluation from the outgoing rubber-stamp school board threw a feast costing thousands of dollars to express his appreciation to departing members at taxpayers' expense.

School officials mum on banquet details

Questions about the event have been referred to a woman with only a high school education that Jenney hired without competitive advertising last February as his political guru for $80,000, but who has since been given a $23,000/yr. raise to more than $100,000, a source said.  

Normally such queries are handled by the college educated asst. superintendent for communications, Kathy Phipps. 

Phipps said, however, she had been required to turn the query over to Jeanne Evans on whom Jenney bestowed the title of executive assistant to the superintendent for administration after Virginia News Source pointed out she was a democrat in a GOP world in state and federal government. Jenney changed her title to eliminate job criticism about the original title.  (See: Jenney refuses to explain action in hiring his Jeanne)

Evans did not respond to a follow-up email query Friday. 


Four, possibly five,  members, claiming the event was an 'inappropriate expenditure' of tax resources, boycotted the event which was held in the Clarion Hotel Thursday night on Bonney Road.  A source said those not attending were newcomer Lois Williams, Jerri Tata; Les Powell; and Sandra Smith-Jones.  It was also reported that newcomer Emma L. Davis did not plan to attend.  She could not be reached for comment.

Kathy Phipps, Jenney's public relations skirt, was asked if the event was financed by tax dollars; what the total expected cost was; and how many attendees were expected.  "We will notify you of actual costs after the event," she responded.

Asked if the taxpayers were also buying booze for the event, she refused to comment.

Jenney, generally unpopular and satirized for his diminutive size as 'Tiny Tim or Timmy the Terrible,' reportedly is worried about the new board which assumes control of the school system next month.  He has been scouting for people who know Davis and Williams  to find someone who will lobby them for him.  "I think he's approached every black in the system to try to get someone to approach Lois Williams,"  a source said Thursday.

"He probably has a right to be worried," the source said, "considering the freedom with which he has received and taken perks and steamrollered the old board on issues that were never publicly reported.  I don't think he'll get away with quite as much with the new board without being taken to the wood shed.

"They may pull his knickers down and give him a spanking."

In Tuesday's executive session, Jenney got nothing but glowing praise from those present except for Ms. Jones who half-heartedly criticized him by noting his only complaint was that she'd like to see him forge a closer working relationship with the Virginia Beach Education Association (VBEA).

Jenney has gone out of his way to antagonize the VBEA as a matter of personal policy, a source said.

One member said Thursday night's event was typical of how he likes to snuzzle up to the board and then try to learn enough about each to know how to dominate them - which buttons to push to get his way - because "there's no doubt about it, he's smart and he does not like being subservient to the board." 

The menu

In addition to the cost of printing invitations and postage, the dinner featured a seafood sampler of  grilled crab cake, sea scallops and fresh fish filet served with tangy tartar sauce and lemon wedges; chicken Normandy, a double breast of chicken stuffed with apple walnut dressing and topped with an apple jack brandy glaze; roasted prime rib of beef, slow roasted prime rib topped with a natural au jus, served with a side of creamy horseradish sauce; duo of beef & shrimp, petit medallion of beef filet and jumbo shrimp stuffed with crabmeat.  All entrees included the chef's selection of vegetable, chef's selection of seasonal baby greens with vegetables, rolls and butter, dessert, iced tea or coffee.

Jenney's Napoleon syndrome evident

"You know Jenney has this Napoleon syndrome and you'd expect the menu to be described in emperor fashion even if it was the peasants paying the tab," a source familiar with the event said.