Spore aggressively attacked citizen opposition movement last year

This is not the first time the transplanted Texan has strapped on the guns of power to ride rough-shod over citizens of Virginia Beach opposing his unpopular projects.

To date, he has enjoyed support of most council members whom he's successfully led around by their noses. Council members' blind following of Spore's illusions have gotten them dubbed "dancing bears" "goat boy" and "the dumbest white folks on the planet."

Last spring as citizens struggled to get enough signatures on a petition to force a vote on Spore's plans - construction of a 4-star hotel on the last public open space on the Atlantic Ocean in the resort area - Spore became enraged.

He hopped aboard his trusty, sleek Corvette, and began a rough ride through Virginia Beach attacking political signs opposing his 31st Street plans.

In front of dozens of stunned onlookers, he stopped at Hilltop, and, in an obvious rage at seeing anti-hotel signs along First Colonial Road, reined in his steed, popped the trunk and furiously ripped the down signs. But not before he was well-photographed and his out of control raging fury documented.

One bystander said Spore "acted like a madman. Wild. Out of control." Spore never adequately apologized nor acted on suggestions he get anger management counseling.


Spore spies on Libertarians?

Shortly after the Dolphin Liberty spying was uncovered, the person in the accompanying picture signed the guest register at the Libertarian Party of Virginia Beach as Jay Cox

He was menacing, spoke little and wouldn't answer if he was a police undercover agent

There are reports, Spore's Gestapo tactics will also be used against civic leagues and retirement homes if political opposition to his follies develop. Anyone recognizing the man or can confirm his mission is requested to email us at: mailto:editor@virginia