Nobody said politicians can't be stupid and silly @ the same time

Come on mayor and council:  We await your response to the accompanying letter to you from Mr. Hatch.

Supporting and implementing a system that has never nabbed a single crook and you're testing it in one of the safest cities on the east coast.  Big joke.

I wouldn't be surprised if the mayor and council doesn't hire a felon to walk by and get caught.  Or have the cops take one out of jail and turn him loose on the boardwalk just to show the system works.

This 'spy cam' bit is about as ridiculous as the Mayor and her husband implying in 2000 that 'one of her' opponents should raise voter suspicions because he was really an Italian hiding behind the Anglican name of Glenn Corey.

In remarks before the weekly Democrat breakfast you would have thought it was Hitler himself chasing her the way she and squeeze Roger questioned why a person with an Italian  moniker wouldn't use his real name in a campaign against her (in reality he did). "What is he trying to hide?" was one questions raised.

But alas, it was revealed that Glenn Corey was none other than a well known former news anchor at WTKR-TV whose real name was Glenn Corillo.

The racial slur, which she later denied was intentional,  demonstrated her typical reaction without seeking the facts.

Same with the 'spy cams.' 

You know, Meyera, you and rest of the boys & girls on council are already in bed with convicted federal felon Edmund C. Ruffin and federal misdemeanant Bruce Thompson in the 31st Street hotel deal. 

What's your problem?  Want more public private partnership opportunities?  By 'snagging' a few more felons on the 'spy cam.'

One thing you can say about Meyera:  She isn't stupid enough to do the right thing when it comes to weird hotel deals and 'spy cams.'

National headlines about city's spy cams too serious for laughs

Dear Honorable Members of Virginia Beach City Council:

Check out the worldwide media coverage the City of Virginia Beach is receiving on www.drudgereport.com .

It relates to the "Big Brother" facial recognition software being booted up.

With all of the advertising the city spends on inviting people to the oceanfront it seems to me we are shooting ourselves in the foot now to put this worthless system in place.

Let me see... If I was a bad guy, and I wanted to hide out, I would certainly look at a 4 block area of the oceanfront in Virginia Beach to run and hide.

Come on people. No one in this city elected any of you to waste money  and invite media criticism on this utterly laughable project.

If you want to fight crime by posting cameras on posts how about sending them to places in Tidewater where crime has been proven statistically to be high.

I'm no criminologist, and I'm certainly no Einstein, but I don't think the Virginia Beach oceanfront is known throughout the Free World as a place where criminals intend to congregate.

I want to know exactly where each of you, especially the newly elected members, stands on this project.

Those of you who have so much as an  elementary understanding of what we celebrate July 4th for in this country needs to conjure up the intestinal fortitude and take a public stand against what may or may not be legal.

But it is surely, and obviously, against what we as free citizens in a free society should be willing to accept.

Wake up!

L. Hatch - Virginia Beach