CACI president debunks daily newspaper's unusual campaign to gain approval of 22% tax hike
Would only help big business & politicians


[Writer's Note:  The Virginian-Pilot has embarked on a seven part series of propaganda in their continuing effort to convince voters to accept another tax for roads.  I suggest a seven part series to counter the Pilot. The responses are short and to the point.  For your consideration, the article below is a response to the first Pilot offering on Sunday, September 22, 2002.]

The very first sentence of the article is bunk!  We "will shape the region's future for decades" they rant. Not so. We will request that our planners and elected officials come back next year with better solutions. Better solutions can be implemented sooner than all those roads.

In a later paragraph, the writer says that opponents argue that the projects "may" not provide relief. No "maybes" about it! One look at the map provided on the front page on the Sunday Pilot shows clearly that there WILL be no relief on routes 64 or 264 and all the roads connecting to the major highways. In the next sentence, the writer complains that we "fear" more sprawl and pollution. "Fear" has nothing to do with it. Logic and history shows that more cars driving more miles inherently result in more pollution.

The writer quotes the "yes" campaign, "We can't look at it with present-day eyes." But that is exactly what the proponents are doing. The present-day approach is more roads and more pollution. By contrast, a 21st century approach means moving jobs closer to where people live and telecommuting. Telecommuting, one of the better solutions, is the 21st century approach to relieving traffic congestion.

"Access is critical for businesses development," proponents say. That is true and the best "access" will result from moving jobs closer to where people live. That would be better for both employers and employees. Driving long distances from home to work and back again is the old way. For business development, we need the 21st century solution.

Finally, the article quotes state Senator Williams as saying "The package is the last round of projects the area will need." What an absurd, desperate and pathetic attempt to con voters.

Robert O'Connor 

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