Libertarian Vice Chair challenges pro-tax forces to debate
Pilot editorial writers knows not of what he speaks

Editor's note:  In a Friday article opposite the editorial page, Virginian-Pilot editorial writer Patrick Lackey, who has never attended a tax protest or tax reform rally involving those opposing the sales tax referendum, wrote an article promoting the referendum based on another false premise.

The letter below to the Pilot from Kim Oliver was also sent to VNS in response to Lackey's piece and extends a challenge for him to attend meetings and discuss issues and for proponents to engage opponents in a public debate.  So far, proponents have dodged all efforts to discuss the proposed 22% tax increase publicly with opponents.

The Virginia Beach Libertarian Party is one of numerous groups in Tidewater and Northern Virginia that have united in an Ax the Tax movement.



I'd like to invite Mr. Lackey and the rest of the editorial staff to attend at least ONE of our meetings before another transportation referendum opinion piece is written, so that the articles may be based on facts. 

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform and other groups such as the National Taxpayers Union and Libertarian Party, much to the misconception of the Pilot's editorial staff, are not against all taxes. 

These groups want a Constitutionally limited government which is given power only to protect our individual rights from force and fraud by establishing a military, a court system and public safety agencies, such as police and fire. 

Lackey's comparison of a company handling its investments to a region raising taxes is flawed. A company can only raise revenue by persuading individuals to willingly invest in and it's buy products. 

Government on the other hand, is the only entity able to collect revenue by FORCE. There are other solutions to our transportation problems that need to be heard. 

I extend an invitation to any representative of the Yes Campaign to a public debate with the Ax The Tax Coalition so that everyone is fully informed of the facts before voting. 

Kimberly Oliver Vice Chairman Virginia Beach Libertarian Party  - VB