The most intelligent answer to Hampton Roads Traffic Woes

Here is a relatively inexpensive answer to the vexing question regarding how Hampton Roads' transportation experts could spend the money they want to spend for Light Rail, get people out of their cars, and entice people to ride an existing mass transit system:

Offer everyone 10 years free HRT bus service, make changes to bus routes and times based upon actual ridership needs.

In 10 years ramp back up the small fee for bus tickets, celebrate the money saved by NOT having to build all of the new roads and tunnels (which will only become congested anyway).

After 10 years of riding the bus people will be accustomed to doing it and will not want to drive as much. The buses will be taking people to the destinations they really want and need to go to and with less congestion the idiots who rage at one another on the highway will have only one another to do battle with.

Everyone wins.

HRT doesn't have to look so foolish piloting around empty buses. We could go to a bus stop and actually get to our destination in less time.

The Light Rail fans get to spend the $1 Billion dollars of the taxpayer's money that seems to be burning a hole in their pockets.

I am not a Traffic Engineer or a genius. But predicted on the arguments about transportation woes, will someone explain to me why this would not work?

Wake Up!

L. Hatch - Virginia Beach