Anti-tax letters and other government issues from 4/5/04

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New!  Monkey dung for brains II?

Re: Charles W.'s letter (below):  The people of Virginia Beach are the ones with monkey dung for brains if they vote to re-elect the incumbents.

Geo. L. - Chesapeake 

New!  Monkey dung for brains?

I was at the forum Sunday in which the two incumbents admitted violating our city's sacred Charter for their own convenience.

Mayor Oberndorf sat there, and if you looked at her, it was like there was nothing behind her eyes. Passive.  Out to lunch, she'd broken the law.

Either this council is totally fraudulent or has monkey dung for brains.

Charles W. - Virginia Beach

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New!  Del. Kathy Byron in a response to Tricia Stall, executive director of the Hampton Roads Taxpayer Coalition Monday:

Thank you Tricia for taking the time to send this message.  I will continue to vote against tax increases that come before the finance committee.  I only wish my colleagues would do the same."

New!  Del. Thelma Drake in response to Paul Jost, chairman, Virginia Club for Growth, says she was misquoted in The Virginian-Pile It:

In regards to an email I received today which originated from the email address,, which I believe you are associated with, MY VOTING RECORD CLEARLY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. 

I have taken a leadership role in the House Finance Committee against the tax increase bills which have come before us.  I do not support tax increases. 

I believe this is misinformation coming from an article in the Virginian Pilot where Kristina Knuckles completely misquoted me.

Thelma Drake 
Delegate, 87th House District

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