Transportation taxes and tolls are 'scams' operated by our governments
America needs more freeways... not rail...not toll roads

by Sally Baptiste

When looking for excessive transportation taxation and wasted money, it is important to look at the toll road scam.  

Many of our state governments like to operate a scam called “toll roads”.  In fact, 30 states currently operate this type of tax scam.  

They (the politicians) misrepresent these roads as the “pay as you go” service.  They brainwash citizens into believing these are not taxes, they are “user fees”.  Then they claim that the toll roads are separate/non-governmental agencies.  

PLEASE, PLEASE beware and don’t believe the political spin on the toll road issue.  Toll road authorities are an extension of state government.  Toll roads represent bigger government and increased taxes with minimal benefits.  

It is estimated that the collection rate for toll roads is 40%.  The collection rate for the IRS is less than 1%!  What a tax racket!  So please beware, toll roads are cash cows for state governments.  

Toll taxes are just another excessive/abusive transportation tax that the government milks from unsuspecting motorists. 

Don’t be fooled – don’t believe the promises of “temporary tolls”.  It is all part of the toll road scam.  

Tolls are a very unfair tax levied against the motorist. The motorist already pays more transportation taxes than any other group.  This is tax abuse – plain and simple!  It is simply an outrage and citizens must demand changes.  

Toll taxes allow the politicians to waste more of the gas taxes we already pay.  If they (the politicians) want to charge tolls for the roads, then ELIMINATE ALL the other transportation taxes we have to pay. 

They (the politicians) should not be allowed to tax citizens over and over again for the same roads. They should not be allowed to increase the toll taxes as they please (taxation without representation). 

This is a scam that is owned and operated by our government – this is an outrage!  It should be no surprise to citizens when corporate America engages in unethical and illegal practices (Enron for one example). 

Just look at what our own government does!  Look at how our own government manipulates the system to swindle more tax dollars from us! 

Citizens should be outraged by this abuse in government.  Citizens must demand changes. A scam is a fraudulent business scheme - a scam is a method of swindling money from individuals/customers. 

The politicians promised the tolls would be temporary. The politicians had absolutely no intention of every removing the tolls and had every intention of raising the toll rates whenever they wanted to.  Sounds like a scam to me! Sounds like abuse of their authority. 

Bottom line – citizens must get involved and demand changes.  It is difficult to fight city hall but it can and must be done.  Otherwise this abuse and mismanagement will never stop.  The politicians are quite content to waste our money and deliver nothing.  They will never be accountable for their actions unless we the people start demanding accountability in government. 

For more information on toll abuse, please go to ,, , , or write to Ax the Toll Road Tax, PO Box 720685, Orlando, FL  32872.

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