School Supt. Jenney sends his $100,000+/yr high school grad to Richmond to lobby to keep his salary hearings secret
Wants to block public hearings on his salary

Virginia Beach School Supt. Tim Jenney, reportedly frothing at the mouth, has sent his $100,000+/year high school grad assistant to the General Assembly  on to kill HB 1839

And why is the TLD (Terrible Little Dwarf) so upset about this bill?  If his salary is adjusted, it would be the subject of a public hearing by the School Board.

He doesn't want the public to have any input into any changes in his salary.  Jeanne Evans, who made her reputation trashing Republicans when Democrats were in control of the General Assembly, has been dispatched to make sure TLD's wishes are obeyed by the legislators.  

Apparently acting as the lone ranger, Jenney send Evans as his personal emissary.  It was not done on instruction from his rubber-stamp school board, said members.  School Board Chairman Dan Edwards could not be reached for comment.

HB 1839 by Del. Gary A. Reese

Summary as introduced:
Division superintendent contracts. Requires local school boards to provide public notice of its intention to renegotiate, extend, or amend a division superintendent's contract at least 28 days prior to the date of school board action on such renegotiation, extension, or amendment.

If such renegotiation, extension, or amendment provides for an adjustment in compensation or contract duration, the school board must hold at least one public hearing prior to issuing final approval of such action, and must provide additional public notice at least 10 days prior to any such hearings.

 Evans was originally hired as TLD's governmental affairs coordinator but was designated executive administrative to the superintendent after VNS reported her employment details  The fact is she's made a career out of attacking Republicans - going so far as to describe her political activities of that of a partisan pit bulldog.  No Democrats are left now in the General Assembly from Virginia Beach.

Evans, a fiery-tempered, intense little woman, was flitting around Capitol hill trying to work her magic for her new boss.  She was under direct orders from Jenney to "kill that bill."

Jenney has a reputation as a secretive, uncooperative administrator in dealing with the public.  He has a mostly rubber-stamp school board that has never effectively challenged his behavior or policies.  And he feels above public scrutiny.  The last thing he wants is for the public to have a hearing on his pay and benefits package.

He has used teachers as carpenters and refused to pay them for building his home until a lien was filed.

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