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Council race begins early

Soft-ice cream magnate Richard Maddox, whose primary fame to date, was illegal campaign contributions as chairman of the Resort Leadership Council and his relationship with proposed developers of a 4-star hotel at 31st Street, where he was to have the privilege of  providing the hotel with its upscale restaurant (local joke) - another oceanfront Dairy Queen - wants to be your city councilman.

No announcement of his candidacy has been made, but Maddox has a sign made up and a website online (but not constructed).  He has been going around seeking support and counsel from numerous elected officials and other influential people.  An attempt to reach Maddox for comment was unsuccessful Saturday.

X Factor But its an open secret he is the RLC's City Council surrogate in his bid for an at-large seat in next year's election.  His slogan is "One City, One Vision,"  and with his dubious oceanfront relationships, he leaves little doubt whose 'tunnel' vision he represents.

Last year Maddox was chairman of the RLC when it became the only group in Tidewater cited for making illegal campaign contributions.  On the record the group, under Maddox's leadership, invested more than $120,000 directly into last year's council race, resulting in allegations that the oceanfront interests have the best government money can buy(See campaign finance statistics)  

Untold thousands of soft dollars also went unaccounted for into the campaign of those supported by the RLC. 

So far, incumbents Will Sessoms, Billy Harrison, and Linwood Branch have said they will not seek re-election.  There have also been reports that Mayor Meyera Oberndorf, who is carrying some heavy political baggage also, will not seek re-election.